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Learn the culture and language of JP2

…and of Faustyna Kowalska, Maksymilian Kolbe, Stanisław Kostka and many others!

…may they continue to hold fast to their ancestral faith in the face of all attacks. May they strive earnestly to live up to the Christian moral code. They should attentively consider this the greatest glory of their country: to imitate the unbreakable constancy of their ancestors and make Poland ever faithful, the outer bastion of Christianity.

For as history teaches, “that witness of the ages, light of truth . . . teacher of life, “[Cicero, De Or. 2.9, 36] God Himself seems to have entrusted this special task to the Polish people.

I am passionate about teaching my native language and Polish Catholic culture based on Latin civilization, because I believe that our nation is one of the few left that still fights for Christianity’s central and integral part in evangelizing the world, as Pius XII expressed in his Invicti Athletae Encyclica quoted above.

Our club will meet once a week for Culture Class and once a week for a Language Class, both 1,5 h long, different days of the week. I will teach your children with mine, so you may be assured that these classes will have a high priority in our home education. I don’t know yet what kind of approach we will have regarding age or skill appropriate groups.

Both courses are not ‘for fun’ only (i.e. Enrichment classes with topics that are forgotten few months or weeks later). In order to provide continual and successful learning, students will have homework and tests on a weekly basis, and also daily online access to me, in case of language questions. In Language Class, I am not interested in teaching few phrases that will allow you to travel and ask for food and train ticket. You can do that utilizing many web sites, programs, books and travel guides. I am interested in teaching the language in it’s cultural setting, with historical and etymological connections. We will use for vocabulary practice at home and I will develop online testing quizzes. In Culture Class, the majority of time will be spent on Polish history, church history, based and connected to European (Latin) and Eastern (Byzantine or Asian) influences, but we will have time to learn about art, music, life styles, food, education, family life, legends, watching movies and documentaries etc. Focusing on Latin civilization of Europe and its influences on Polish culture, through ideas developed mostly by Catholic clergy, educators and artists will play the main role in presenting the history.

You can view Culture 1: Piast and Jagiellon Dynasty outline. It is scheduled for the fall, Sept-Dec 2011, but it might take longer to cover the material, we will just have to start and see. If you have any questions, ask: or comment below.

This Animated History of Poland was made for EXPO 2010 in China: